Kala Bazar isn't just a brand...

Kala Bazar isn't just a brand; it's our way of life encapsulated in every stitch. Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of natural design and materials, it's a reflection of our journey to create products that resonate with our heritage yet hold universal appeal. Back in 2019, Kala Bazar was simply a labor of love for me and Shivam. My passion for fashion had long been brewing, but the options available were either too pricey or didn't quite capture my style. So, turning to Ruta, now our lead tailor at Kala Bazar, I shared my Pinterest mood board dreams, hoping to see them come to life. With just ₹2500 and a single design, we embarked on our Instagram store journey, fueled by curiosity and determination to see where it might lead.

Our Founders,

"At the heart of Kala Bazar is a commitment to crafting affordable, comfortable clothing that treads lightly on our environment. It's about more than just clothes; it's about making conscious choices that echo our values.

Many have asked us about the name 'Kala Bazar.' Initially, the idea was to specialise in black clothing, drawing inspiration from its versatility. However, after heartfelt conversations with our loved ones, we reconsidered. Yet, the name had woven itself into our story, becoming a symbol of our persistence and unwavering dedication. And so, with every piece we create, Kala Bazar remains a testament to our journey, our dreams, and our unyielding belief in the power of personal expression".

- Nikkita Savita & Shivam Pandya